Do you like stories? If so, let me tell you one.

Once upon a time...

In a southern European country, there lived a man and a woman who fell in love with each other. 

After sharing kisses, countryside walks, romantic dinners and thoughts under the moonlight they got married and had a baby. The baby grew up happy, becoming soon a friendly child. Probably, he was not friendly all the time, but I think, in general, he behaved well. At least, as far as I remember.

A few years later, the kid saved his toys in a box and he started to look at himself in the mirror too many times. He had a big moustache and his voice was changing. Then, he got sad, closed his eyes and fell asleep.

When he woke up he was an adult with one daughter and worked as a UX designer. But…what occurred in the middle of the story?

The kid had a dream, a dream as real as life. In that dream he studied for a degree in labour relations at University, but soon he realized that was not his cup of tea. So, he had to look for another path. First, he founded a production company with his cousin. There, he worked for about two years, learning many things about video editing. Next, he worked as a bookseller for a long time, a wonderful experience where he developed his social skills and discovered the importance of empathy in human relationships. 

But, he needed to keep walking because he started to feel numbness in his legs. In this way, he worked as a graphic designer for different companies. During that time he understood that a good first impression can open more doors than an “Open, Sesame”. He was a graphic designer for four years and, probably, he would have kept working on that if he had not come across a book titled “The Design of Everyday Things”.  He read that book and, suddenly, saw the light. Life made sense.

So far, that is the story of my life.

Now, it is time to continue living or dreaming (aren’t they the same thing?) and explain to you why I believe in UX design.

I believe in UX design because:

  • It always puts the user in the center of the Universe.

  • It represents the perfect balance between creativity and efficiency.

  • It optimizes development time and cost.

  • It helps to create products that are understandable to everyone.

  • It uses a minimalism concept design.

  • It finds solutions where others find only problems.
  • It promotes teamwork above individual work.
  • It implements accesibility and equity in products.
  • It will make the world a friendly place.

And what about you? Do you believe in UX design, too?

While you think the answer, I invite you to see a video-presentation where I I show you some of my strengths.

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